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  1. == SOLVED == It looks like the problem was caused by the dev server that was serving the video, and it's http password protection. I guess the first look that LoaderMax/VideoLoader takes at the file, to grab the meta data, was blocked or delayed because of the password protection. Thanks Greensock!
  2. I'm building a site right now that loads a video using your fantastic VideoLoader class, and have come across a problem where the FIRST time a video is loaded, it will almost always throw the error Error on VideoLoader 'introVideo' (http://redacted/primal_screen/assets/video/home/redacted.flv): No metaData was received. and the video will appear the wrong size. On subsequent loads of the same file and very occasionally on the first load, it works fine. I've tried turning autoplay off, and adding a 2 second timeout after the load is complete, just in case it was initializing slowly or som