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  1. Hello everyone! Now we have a website, we are redesigning it. We have layouts in Figma, but they have animations. It is necessary to take what is now and entrust layouts with animations. Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/KMtI5k0jwjTXZDp4wJSZ50/4-pages?node-id=1281%3A5333 The templating engine is now nunjucks, but you can do just animations separately. A couple of pages are already typeset (such as Vacancies and Works). I will provide the source codes for the layout. True, the font family will change over the course of the day. I need an estimate of the cost and timing of the entire layout and animations separately. Animation Effect: https://k72.ca/en/about Scroll Effect: https://florianmonfrini.com Scroll Effect: https://www.jonway.studio Thank you!
  2. https://codepen.io/akapowl/pen/6a2480c123d88dc391faba0ea5cc590f?editors=1111 I suppose that on this basis it is possible to do - but how, while I'm at a loss
  3. Hello everyone! Please, tell me: how to create this effect with gsap? Unfortunately, I looked at some examples and do not understand a bit how I can implement it. It is important for me to understand how to also smoothly change slides and overlay pictures? Reference: https://k72.ca/en/about This effect: http://joxi.ru/12MyJvySwxE9Z2 Please, help me! I wish you the best mood
  4. Hello everyone! Please, help me with slider at reference site: https://goodfight.shop. Is it possible to do this on gsap?
  5. Good afternoon everyone. Unfortunately, I am unable to implement the animation shown in the video myself. To be honest, I don't know how much it might cost. The project is already in progress and needs to be implemented. Video Link:
  6. Thank you! How can I change the scale? I try, I try) I've been sitting on this problem for 5 hours, trying to understand, but all is unsuccessful. Please, help me... Demo:
  7. In general, the task is to make a circle from the background with the same picture. Perhaps this is easier to solve? Because I also DO NOT need free space under the circle.
  8. This works great, with two points: 1) how can I make the minimum circle size for a picture? 2) at the moment a picture appears from the circle - how can I "unfold" this animation?
  9. https://vadev.ru/sites/philip/ Thanks for the great help! Can you please tell me how to make a transparent background instead of white? And why, for some reason, the site slows down very much Could this be due to animation?
  10. Hello everybody! I am new to GSAP and need help. I found an example of how to turn a picture on the background into a circle, but I need it to be when scrolling. How to implement? With scrolltrigger or no? Before scrolling: http://joxi.ru/ZrJx7vxCnp1pX2 After scrolling: http://joxi.ru/E2p7GQ7hGZBW9m Help with the implementation, please. I can't even think of how to do it.
  11. Which of the effects in the video are there examples? Please tell me) So that I spend the least time on execution. Thank you! Please guide me right away Video:
  12. Good day, colleagues! Can you please tell me how I can collect the little man and remove the arrows when scrolling? Actually, on the left side is a person before assembly, on the right - after assembly. I found many examples, but this functionality is still difficult for me to understand .. I don't think it's difficult, but I need to understand how to do it in order to do it. URL Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/UbJ52AxHgp1u56KGj8QmZS/4-pages-(Copy)-(Copy)?node-id=0%3A1 Man Pic: http://joxi.ru/VrwG5ZGH4G7j1r Please, help me! Thank you. Good day.
  13. This is what happens to me:
  14. Please tell me a similar implementation with functions: 1) it is obligatory to repeat the same word. 2) to be able to change the speed from the data tag. 3) to be able to change direction. 4) so that the line also moves "continuously". Perhaps by changing the code and solution - everything will work fine. All other animation except the creeping line - everything works well on the page. Perhaps the syntax is deprecated?