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  1. Hey @GreenSock thanks for the detailed info and suggestion. Didn't get to sit down and test till after midnight- but re-coding as you described above indeed fixed my issues with GSDevTools so everything is now working as expected. @Dipscom - glad you're updating the repo; that was a big help in getting past my initial problems. In terms of Drupal, although I still need to do some more reading and research, a headless version of Drupal is probably the direction I'm going, but right now, while I've been trying to just get the basics down for integrating Vue / Nuxt / G
  2. Thanks for that information - will try to do some more testing tomorrow with that advice in mind and see if it fixes the issue. A reduced test case might be difficult, because I suspect it has something to do with the overall setup and integration with nuxt/vue. I'd tested GSDevTools on codepen a couple of months ago and never ran into any problems. Will post back once I've done some more testing.
  3. Did some more testing with GSDevTools today, and it is indeed behaving inconsistently, not just on the webhost but on my localhost:3000 as well. I set up a simple test where i can click on an item to trigger a function that uses TimelineMax to run through a series of tweens. About half the time GSDevTools show up on the bottom of the screen and work precisely as expected. But the other half (just by refreshing the browser page, not changing any code), the GSDevTools show up at the same place but have no effect whatsoever. When this happens, if I drag in the right or left markers to set a
  4. Hi @Greensock / Jack & @OSUBlake Thank you for helping. As a quick reminder, I am using the cloudfare CDN's to import all of the non-premium gsap files in the opening script tag of my nuxt.config.js file. I've had the premium ones working on my local server, but hit this new issue while trying to generate files to upload to real webhost. As for the link from @Dipscom, I think I'd read that, but don't think I quite got it last week. Now I understand its importance better. And for the four plugins that were giving me error statements, if I require those inside of the
  5. I've found several Greensock threads where it looks like people had a potentially related problem, but I still haven't been able to figure out or fix the exact problem I'm having, which prevents me from using npm run generate to create the necessary files so I can upload site to actual webhost and build a functional site. One thread talked about 'Tree Shaking' - and in accord with that I added import CSSPlugin from "gsap/umd/CSSPlugin"; in my main index.vue file, right after my statement: import gsap from "gsap"; I also tried
  6. Hey guys - Back for more help with a general problem that may affect others as well. I have nuxt/vue working with all of the Greensock platform on localserver:3000 When I use the command: npm run generate to create a distribution folder with the files I'd need to upload to run things on my website, I received an error message which eventually tracks back to a line of code, which is found in DrawSVGPlugin, GSDevTools.js, SplitText.js ThrowPropsLPlugin.js The specific code is "undefined" ? window:_doc.defaultView || {getComputedStyle:function () {}}) Here's an ex
  7. @Dipscom - (and @OSUblake and @Jack / Greensock ) Thank you so much for sticking with this and figuring out a solution to the problem! That did the trick and have everything working now! I'd stumbled upon a piece of code if (process.browser) { code here } from a different thread where that was used to make sure you weren't trying to manipulate things before the DOM (and assumedly virtual DOM) were ready. Looking at that now, I see process.browser has been deprecated in favor of process.client, so will update accordingly. And I'd come across a
  8. Appreciate you helping out from the road (and no expectation that you'll continue troubleshooting while traveling; I'm just posting back so it will be available when you have time and in case it helps Dipscom figure things out) I have now completed testing on DrawSVGPlugin, MorphSVGPlugin, Physics2DPlugin, PhysicsPropsPlugin, ScrambleTextPlugin, and ThrowPropsPlugin- and I've gotten all six of those (with 'plugin' in the name) to run successfully within my nuxt app - while all five Premiums without 'plugin' (CustomBounce, CustomEase, CustomWiggle, GSDevTools, and SplitText) lead to
  9. Sorry -this snippet came in right after my initial response. I've downloaded the umd versions of the Premium scripts, added them to an assets/vendors directory, and have been importing those. but elsewhere, I do use a generic: import gsap from 'gsap' and I did use: npm install --save gsap Is there a different way to do that to avoid mixing ES and UMD in case that's the problem?
  10. Hey OSUblake First off - thank you for pointing me toward Vue (which ultimately led me to Nuxt as well) a couple of months ago. Great framework that should ultimately let me do all of the cool website stuff I was hoping to do. Regarding import vs script tags, I am using all of the non-premium parts of GSAP through script tags to access the CDN It's just the Premium scripts and plugins (available in Shockingly Green as a download) that I'm trying to incorporate at this point. (and @Dipscom has reproduced at least part of the issue on his end)
  11. Further testing: If I try to invoke GSDevTools, SplitText, CustomBounce, CustomEase, and CustomWiggle in functions, I get the following warnings upon compiling: WARN in ./pages/index.vue?vue&type=script&lang=js& friendly-errors 13:34:03 "export 'default' (imported as 'GSDevTools') was not found in '~/assets/vendors/GSDevTools' "export 'default' (imported as 'SplitText') was not found in '~/assets/vendors/SplitText' "export 'default' (imported as 'CustomBounce') was not found in '~/assets/vendors/CustomBounce' "export 'defau
  12. Hi @Jack - thanks for the suggestions. Tried adding ".js" without effect, and tried the directory structure you mentioned with utils, but that doesn't fix things either. Hi @Dimscom - thanks for pointing me to CodeSandbox. May not help with this specific problem, since trying to get premium scripts working (and won't post those there) - but may use this in future for general help. Would be fantastic if you could show a working prototype. In terms of 'preferred' premiums, maybe start with GSDevTools and SplitText. I'd like to be able to use all of GSAP's tools
  13. I've tested several of the Premium plugins, and those are all working. But I haven't been able to get any of the Premium items without plugins in their names to work - such as SplitText.js and GSDevTools.js Do those require a different method to bring them into nuxt? import PhysicsPropsPlugin from '~/assets/vendors/PhysicsPropsPlugin' import CustomBounce from '~/assets/vendors/CustomBounce' import GSDevTools from '~/assets/vendors/GSDevTools' I'm not getting an error that prevents the initial load, but if I invoke it in a function, the app fails, with a 500 erro
  14. @Lack and @Dipscom - Started from scratch with a basic nuxt project and deleted the logo (which @Dipscom noted has animation that could conflict with GSAP) - so all I have left is a single page with a title and a subtitle. Am now able to get the Premium plugins working. Not sure if I just had an incorrect path in my original project (because I'd tried many, and at one point was missing js/ from one of the paths) - or if it was that I'd missed one of the animation bits in the CSS. But working through all of that now. Thanks to both of you for you
  15. Hi @Jack , These are the UMD version. After a commented section, they start with var _gsScope and I do not see any import statements at the beginning or exports at the end. (I opened the regular ES versions and see the imports and exports you mentioned). I'm happy to create a 'reduced test case' with the simplest version of a nuxt file just to see how to successfully import the premium gsap files. Is there a way to post that project to CodePen? Or should I set for universal and and use npm run generate and then share the dist folder? I imagine I'm just missing