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  1. Btw... I updated the codepen... (I added Swiper). And if you inspect the element, you can also see that all the content inside product-images__wrapper is removed
  2. The JS is under global.js. The only error I have in my console is "ScrollTrigger.min.js:10 Uncaught TypeError: r.revert is not a function"
  3. Got it ... I removed it. But I still have the issue... All the nodes under .products-image__wrapper are removed by ScrollTrigger But
  4. Here is a temp link to the Shopify website : https://6mz35le1e8kcfiqc-40246673574.shopifypreview.com/products/natz-the
  5. Hi. I want to use ScrollTrigger to pin the images on the left side but the left part is immediately fired by ScrollTrigger (idk why👀) (I quickly pasted my code from Shopify on Codepen) The error I have in my console
  6. Am I missing something ? (I'm still at 3.10.4)👀
  7. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20310690/overflowhidden-on-inline-block-adds-height-to-parent Nevermind... I found the issue. I have to add vertical-align: top
  8. Hello. I have a issue with my line-height. It seems like it's because of overflow hidden... but I'm not sure how to resolve this issue 👀
  9. The strong element is not split in multiple lines
  10. Take a look at this codepen https://codepen.io/vanholtzco/pen/abEOead that covers the topic.