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  1. Hi team. I'm wondering how to animate the words of a line individually. E.g: "In this demo, we're" (first line) should start animating each word at the same time as the words of the 2nd line ("Gonna see how to make"), etc...
  2. ohhh thank you for spotting the mistake👆🏽😅✅
  3. Hi y'all. I don't understand why GSAP splits each character in a word when I don't mention to split each chars 👀
  4. Same here... with WeGlot 😵‍💫👀
  5. Btw... I updated the codepen... (I added Swiper). And if you inspect the element, you can also see that all the content inside product-images__wrapper is removed
  6. The JS is under global.js. The only error I have in my console is "ScrollTrigger.min.js:10 Uncaught TypeError: r.revert is not a function"
  7. Got it ... I removed it. But I still have the issue... All the nodes under .products-image__wrapper are removed by ScrollTrigger But
  8. Here is a temp link to the Shopify website : https://6mz35le1e8kcfiqc-40246673574.shopifypreview.com/products/natz-the
  9. Hi. I want to use ScrollTrigger to pin the images on the left side but the left part is immediately fired by ScrollTrigger (idk why👀) (I quickly pasted my code from Shopify on Codepen) The error I have in my console