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  1. Hi thanks for the help, i think this is the best option. I didn't know how to make an empty animation. It works great and I have more control. yeah `duration: 46` at this point i was just experimenting to see if it would do something 😂.
  2. Hi thanks for helping me, your solution was what i was looking for, but when i implemented it in my code it didn't work as intended. https://codepen.io/lulu-be/pen/VwQGrjL
  3. Hi, so i saw these after the hero section https://novaturdesign.com/ and i like it a lot. I try to do something similar but with a different animation, but mine doesn't have that kind of control. I made a codepen with where I am at the moment. But it's too hostile and not intuitive , if i increase the number of elements appearing i have to change all the values to try to get the best result, plus we developers may be able to scroll slow and back and forth but a normal user will just make a quick full scroll and get through most images. Is there a way to make the image stop? or is there a better approach ?