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  1. http://www.asmakta.com/clients/testfiles/textbeta.html The text will format here -but not to any visible text field. Instead it will format any newly created texbox -from a user's perspective, it needs to apply to a visible field, one that was most recently selected. Anyone want to take a crack at it?
  2. Please, take a sec too look at my link above (if you haven't)-The text does format. I just can't get it to work with a textbox that has allready been created. I was not implying it's something inherently wronge with the TransformManager. My formatting applies in this example when you apply formatting and THEN click the text button -you will see it works with the NEW textbox not one being diplayed If there is an easy way to figure out what I did codewise I would like to show you -I spent time trying to figure it out. I can post a link to the fla file or a word file with the code, -if it's an easy fix great. If it's a question of time for you -I would like to discuss it if is a question of time for you
  3. I just got the latest and the greatest, I'll try a few things out. so, If I can deselect all -in my example will that allow me to set text-formatting properties to an object that is being displayed -and selected?
  4. See this example of text formatting: http://www.asmakta.com/clients/testfiles/textbeta.html It works, but I would like it to apply formatting to a the text object in view, rather then the one created next (yet to be seen) in this case It would be awkward for a user to edit text they can't see yet. I have an idea why it does this, -because the object that is being displayed is deselected when I click a button? I would like it to work with the text object being displayed is there a way to change that or a good workaround? Suggestions welcome
  5. Is there a single event that I can assign to the a clear button to puge everything on a page? (as opposed to deleting one item at a time or grouping and deleting)
  6. I noticed -at least the way I am going about it that when movieclips are nested inside movieclips -the transformManager doesn't like them. What I want to accomplish is to display a gallery in a scrollbar -nest the movies in that scrollbar, and then drag them from the scrollbar and place them in a designated area. (reparenting on stopDrag) once placed -I dissable startDrag(); and stopDrag(); and have an event place the movieclip into transformManager -it "doesn't play nicely". Either I'm doing it wrong, or is transformManager not set up to work with movieclips inside other movieclips
  7. The reason why I wanted to know about this is -I though that if I dissabled delete with textboxes I could enable delete to remove the whole box -rather than backspace over text. If I created a button to remove a text box -would it remove the last one I added or delete selected text boxes.
  8. Is there an easy way to change the keyboard asisgnment of delete. Namely I would like to set "delete" to delete text only using backspace as backspace. I would also like to disable "backspace" as a delete with shapes and gifs.
  9. That's what I needed to know.
  10. That does the tick. Is there a way I can set it up to get textboxes to delete? Regular objects work great (BTY love the grouping and moving with arrows.)
  11. Yes, I'm working in the authoring environment . I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that happen. Intresting.
  12. --------------------------------Update Delete DOES work, but for me it works only on "ctrl-delete"--wierd any reason why? As with my last question, It's simple. The AS3 demo seems to work sporadicaly -with delete enabled, it works only after the text box is slected. I tried it myself: Here is some sample code with delete enabled(using delete key) Any sugestions?
  13. I just wasn't sure about the syntax, that's all , not so much a problem with the class itself. I figured it out.
  14. mostly, I tried your examples and they work great here is what I Ultimately have in mind: I want to use an event handler to draw either an api or place a sprite(the same way a user would draw many circles or squares) in the array and, hopefully TransformManager would be able to work with them.