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  1. awazigh

    License Question

    Great, I'll wait for the fix then. BTW if there is any chance to get a coupon 🤐 just saying 😇
  2. awazigh

    License Question

    Hello 🧦 I'm willing to buy a commercial license but not sure about your renewals option. Why would I pay more if I activate the auto-renewals? 🤨 Thanks
  3. awazigh


    Hello Everyone! I'm trying to adapt this ScrollTrigger example: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/rNOebyo In fact, I'd like to "wrap" the scrolling sections between 2 other sections intro & outro. I thought that encapsulating the panels into another div to mimic the example would work but can't achieve it 😖 Anyone could help? 😇 Thanks for your help!