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  1. Hey Mo! Something like this? const tlBar = gsap.timeline({paused: true}) tlBar.from('.two span',{ scaleX:0, transformOrigin: "left center", }) ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger:'.two', start:'center center', markers:true, onEnter: () => { tlBar.play().duration(15) }, onLeaveBack: () => { tlBar.reverse().duration(5) } });
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply, I'll check locomotive's GH comments maybe other users experienced this as well.
  3. Hello @akapowl Thanks for the pen above, any idea why the scroll event is not detected when the cursor is on the navbar "area" (setting the navbar height to 100px makes it easy to see). Setting a lower z-index solves it in some way but navbar is not anymore on top of the main container. Thanks for your help.
  4. Many thanks @Cassie you made this possible! I'm working on the demo sent by Craig 🤓 can't wait to show the final version in prod 🤩
  5. Thanks for the direction, I'll check this demo and try to adapt to mine.
  6. @leenalfalah @Ali Manuel or maybe this way: let tl = gsap.to(".cl", { rotation: 360, ease: "none", transformOrigin: "50% 50%", repeat: -1 });
  7. Hi Everyone! Further to the previous progress thanks to @Cassie @GreenSock & @PointC, I'm trying to optimise my animation by adding a pause to play another tween. I tried with the callback "addPause()" but as you can see it seems that the animation can't be "paused" in the middle, it has to be completed and then it pauses. Is there a way to pause at anytime? and even if my animation is based on motionpath? Thanks Awa
  8. cristal clear thank you 👍🏽
  9. @PointC @GreenSock an additional question plz: I forked the version from Jack for some adjustments, but I'm struggling to get the card in "front" on top on the others, weirdly sometimes they are correctly on top at the beginning and then it's broken. I tried playing with the "zIndex" but no luck, what do you think? https://codepen.io/awazigh/pen/jOBxGoq
  10. Many thanks to both of you @GreenSock @PointC much appreciated it, this community is just amazing 💚
  11. Hello Everyone, In a previous post @Cassie kindly helped me to fix a symmetrical animation that I'm trying to convert as an infinity (symbol) animation, it's kind of work but I can't make the each of the 10 circles scale down smoothly in the middle of the symbol and then scale up on the 2 extremities. @Cassie if you stop by, love would your help on this 😬 Many thanks Awa
  12. Great!! Many thanks @Cassie ☺️ aka "Rosie the Riveter" 😁 you made my day 🥳
  13. one last question @Cassie I swear 😇 do you know the 2 animations are not playing at the same time (synchronised)? do you I need to play with the "delay"?
  14. all good @Cassie I solved the positioning issue, thanks ☺️
  15. indeed almost there, stil struggling with the positioning to get the cards stacked correctly 🤯