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  1. hey @akapowl thank you for the detailed explanation. I understand the current behavior more clearly now.


    About the smooth scroll, yeah, I know. I'm only using Greensock's smoothscroll helper on mobile because the desktop view is all horizontal.


    16 hours ago, OSUblake said:

    Pretty sure you could just setup a scroll proxy for that. I'll mess around with that in a bit.

    Hey @OSUblake, not to bug, but did you manage to try it out, eventually?

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  2. @OSUblake & @akapowl thanks for all the help so far. I removed locomotive scroll and implemented the horizontal and smooth scrolling with scrolltrigger as you suggested and they worked great. Well, except for the trigger on the element. Which seems stay at the point where the object is on load but doesn't follow the object on scroll, and additionally, weirdly goes upwards as I scroll. See codepen here 


    See the Pen YzZMepa by tobijudah (@tobijudah) on CodePen

  3. Hey @OSUblake, thanks for responding. Let me minimize the code to help make debugging and helping easier. Will reply as soon as I've done that.

    Yes, I am. As for the horizontal scroll, as soon as I instantiated the scroll, I stopped it scroll.stop(), then the full screen video plays for 10 seconds before I start it, scroll.start(). So if you try to scroll during the first 10 seconds it won't work. After that everything is as normal, including mouse wheel scrolling.

  4. I think I've properly setup ScrollTrigger with locomotive scroll using some examples seen in the forum, however I can't seem to get my animation to work properly. It triggers as soon as the page loads without me scrolling to the point I set my trigger.

    here is a codesandbox link. https://codesandbox.io/s/cocky-darkness-ncfh6?file=/src/components/SectionThree/SectionThree.tsx

    sorry I couldn't use codepen. don't know if that's fine?


    edit: relevant files: App.tsx, SectionThree.tsx, instantiateScroll.ts