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  1. We need to convert an XD layout into a HTML/CSS/JS structure with GSAP animations. It's a single page layout. Your work also consist to improve the XD animations to create a better UI/UX in GSAP. Contact us if interested.
  2. We are looking for a talented, liable, frontend developer that will be our partner for next projects. We would like a partner who have these skills: Advanced knowledge of GSAP and Three.js libraries Can handle 3D objects in a web design UX/UI Fluent ability to interpretate design and generate good code with attention to details both side UX/UI We are Italy based but work can be fully remote. We prefer a partner who can speak english fluently. If you think you can be our partner, please contact us on Skype for more details: crealiagroup. We look forward to meet you!
  3. Thanks to everybody for you time helping me solving this task and made me discover more about GSAP!
  4. Really appreciated! Thanks so much for your suggestion! Happy tweening you too
  5. Thanks but as mentioned before I need to do it for GSAP2 in the meanwhile we upgrade to GSAP3.
  6. Ok thanks, I've tried to update my codepen according to your suggestion but I cannot let it work as expected. Any suggestion about what I'm wrong? Thanks so much in advance.
  7. Ok, thanks for suggestion. In the meanwhile, is it possible to find a solution for GSAP 2 ?
  8. Thanks for reply. I'm working on an old project that uses GSAP 2 in it's core, that's why I need to adapt for it. Thanks anyway
  9. Hello, I'd like to draw the icon on mouse hover. The purpose could be to draw with another colour the same paths. So when mouseout the icon is grey, when mousehover the icons paths stars draw themselves with a blue colour. Any suggestion about what's the best way to do it in GSAP 2 ? Thanks so much in advance.