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  1. I'm looking for an Animator that uses GreenSock (GSAP) to animate SVG images (along with use of Lottie files where appropriate). We have about 10 existing layered images in Adobe Illustrator that will be exported as SVGs for rendering on a website that responds as the user scrolls or interacts with certain SVG images. These existing vector images need to be adapted to animate as follows: * add subtle background movements, such as grass or trees slowly swaying, or small birds in the distance slowly flying, or pulsing glows; these micro-animations should give the image a sense of life with slow and non-annoying movement * story-telling sequences will be added to small subset of these images to show, for example, the characters moving in from left/right sides (woman delivers glowing box to man); or the box rising and opening to reveal bright glowing starburst; or Easter egg interactions that reveal a fish jumping out of the water More details about this opportunity are posted here: https://www.upwork.com/job/Animate-SVGs-After-Effects-Lottie-GreenSock-GSAP_~018bc6caa37350c5c2/