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  1. Hey Mr Greensock, How ironic on the first day i say hmmm i wonder if Greensock has anything that helps with mobile dev you post this.... strange but nice. I will be trying this out in the next few day i think just a couple of questions. The theory and docs make sense but what does this do that cacheAsBitmap does not do on a given full-screen sprite so i know where i can chalk up the benefits? Where do you see the road map of the class taking you? For example multiple targets (would this be a benefit?) I've made a mini demo where nearly all the display object are bitmaps and a scene is maybe built from 8-9 bitmaps at a time. Would you expect me to see much performance boost given that im already leveraging bitmaps benefits already? The only way i see it would be rendering them into one. Cheers for thoughts in advance.