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  1. When you made a timeline that has many animations, it interrupts another timeline, example: timeline () .to () * 40 animation timeline () .to () * 10 animation the first animation is interrupted by the second, try to fix it with end in scrollTrigger with no result
  2. I have a problem, when creating 2 timelines the first animation line is interrupted by the second line, I would like it to finish and continue with the next timeline without being interrupted. I have tried: "const {innerHeight} = window" but when the timeline is too long it gets interrupted by the next timeline is there another way to do it?
  3. Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot, and I will check the documentation thanks, again
  4. yes, but is there a way to add a class and have it have an animation? as shown in my codepen?
  5. I want to animate elements with property "display: flex" and I want to add but I don't know how to include Flip when I have timeLine with scrolltrigger Can Flip be used with timeline? how can I do it?
  6. pretendía que en que la animación tuviera un efecto mas suavizado pero creo que con aniamción Flip se ayudara, muchas gracias
  7. Hi guys I have a little question, can I add a transition by adding a display block to an element? I'm using scrolltrigger, and I want some elements to take the value, "display: block;" It does, but it doesn't add a smoothness, or a transition Can you add transitions by adding the "display: block, display: flex etc" property?
  8. I have a problem, I have written many lines of code that are similar and with the same structure, will there be a way to automate the code? I need help