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  1. Ah! Thank you! The example from the website I used had "container:this". Took it out and now everything acts as it should! Thanks again, John
  2. Hi; Loving LoaderMax!! I'm building a cube with PaperVision using LoaderMax. The problem is that LoaderMax automatically addChild's every image to the stage. I need to stop that. How? TIA, John
  3. Hi; I'm gonna sign up if... What happens to bitmaps in Liquid Stage? For example, I build a site at 1008*546 pixels and have several jpgs in it. I (presume I) pin all my sprites up so that they proportion out according to code. I use swfobject to set my Flash movie to 100% height & width and Liquid Stage to stretch out all my sprites to properly and proportionately fill the stage, including those that hold my jpgs. If someone surfs to my site with their resolution set to say, 2016*1092, do my jpgs end up all pixelated? I assume so. Now, what happens if I create my jpgs at 144 dpi: twice the resolution of screens. With they then look good on the larger screen? TIA, John