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  1. Great! New version works like before and as expected. Hopefully you didn't sink too much time into it. Really appreciate you going above and beyond with your amazing support!
  2. No worries, after reviewing my code it seems I can program around this issue. But if you are curious here's a simple FLA http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50575/test.fla I believe the expected behavior is that I shouldn't be able to drag the item off stage, but please correct me if I'm wrong. It seems this is how it use to work.
  3. I've upgraded my app from a pretty old version of Transform Manager with the latest. Everything seems to work as expected except one issue. I dynamically set bounds on the manager when an object is selected (TransformEvent.SELECT). This use to work but no longer does? Is this a bug or a conscious decision with Transform Manager? Also is there anywhere I can see version notes to see what's changed over the various versions? Thanks for any help you can provide.