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  1. I attached thebasic problem area. It's before the hack... as you see, the mask is not some how the area TransformManager sees, and it (inmy opinion) should see the masked area
  2. Hi, Working on an application, where you can enter "crop mode", change the mask and/or image position/rotation inside. When you exit the crop mode, and multiselect, the boundry box becomes humongous. here's the story: - 2 images on stage, both 3000px wide. - both resized to fit a area of 400x400 - both "cropped" to be about 100x100 = multiselect creates boundry box of 3500x3000 inside the crop action I've got this hack, works fine with just one object selected: override public function getBounds(targetCoordinateSpace:DisplayObject):Rectangle { manager.selectItem(__mask) var t = manager.getSelectionBounds(this) manager.deselectAll(); return t; } I do not want to rewrite the entire app to accomodate for the Crop functionality that you added. Can you direct me towards a solution?