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  1. Thanks for replying and sorry for not making it clear. Currently, the timeline is starting as soon as the page loads and is really glitchy on scroll for some reason. And I'll definitely look into FLIP plugin.
  2. Hi, I am trying to achieve something like in the CodePen but on scroll. Currently I'm decreasing opacity, translating to top a bit and reducing height of parent. But Ideally, I need to remove the element so that parent can adjust height according so it's responsive. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Thanks Cassie, that's exactly what I was looking for. I should definitely go through Carl's GSAP course again haha
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create a scrolltrigger where I can only target the heading of before a paragraph. On each trigger, I am supposed to add class to some other element. but currently, since I am only targeting h3 tags, scrolltrigger ends just as soon as it starts, as you can see in demo. Since all the trigger belong to same id, I was hoping if there was some way to align end of each trigger just before the start of next one? Thank You
  5. wow, so this worked! I tried searching docs for syncInterval but couldn't find anything. What exactly is it doing? Should I be using it in production? Thank You!!
  6. yeah, it's really weird. I tried removing scrolltrigger and tried both scenarios: 1. Put the input inside a div and gave that div position: fixed. 2. Give position: fixed to input itself without any enclosing div. In both cases, input field worked on android. So I'm not sure position is messing with input anymore...
  7. ah yes, I understand and I really appreciate what you guys are doing. And yes, if I remove the scrolltrigger from input field, I lose the pinning ability but then it works perfectly on android as well. So what I think is that there is some issue in android maybe and gsap scrolltrigger is triggering it?
  8. Hi, I'm actually facing some issue that's only reproducible on android phones. I have tested on iPhone, iPad and desktop but there is no issue there. Problem: While using scrolltrigger pin on an input field, android devices loses the ability to keep their focus on that field. I found some related issues on Stackoverflow, here and here. I am fighting this issue for a week and after losing the battle, I need some help regarding it. Here is the codesandbox to check code and to open output on android. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. You're right. It's working now. Thanks a lot!
  10. Thank you for this. My problem looks similar to the post you shared. Using normal <a> instead of next/link is working fine. I'll also try with v3.6.1 and see how it goes. And yeah, sorry for slow speed. I connected it with my strapi backend which is hosted on a really slow server so it's taking time for each navigation.
  11. Hi, sorry about that. That was production mode build I made on Codesandbox, I think they don't keep them running for long. Here's the code: https://codesandbox.io/s/mystifying-nash-pp4kd?file=/pages/_app.js
  12. ok so this post helped. ScrollTrigger doesn't work properly on page with lazy load images - GSAP - GreenSock. I'm listening to images being loaded and then refreshing now. Fixing this I found another issue. Next.js have next/link for routing which makes routing possible without reloading. Kind of hot reloading but that also crashes gsap. You can possibly reproduce it by going to the link https://pp4kd-3001.sse.codesandbox.io and selecting first box 'Introduction', go to the bottom and selecting, 'read more'. Next page will be broken with total height similar to previous page but all of it is whitespace. Either removing scrolltrigger or removing next/link and using regular <a> tags fixes it.
  13. Hi @Cassie thanks for replying. So I tried to setup and here is the codesandbox link: mystifying-nash-pp4kd - CodeSandbox I was testing and noticed something. The problem is not on the pages without images and so I believe that the images are being loaded late and then the ScrollTrigger is not refreshing on that change... Could this be an issue, and if yes, any idea on how to fix it? Thank You
  14. Hi, I'm trying to implement a basic ScrollTrigger animation on Nextjs. It's basically changing sidebar background based on current position of scroll. You can check it's implementation here: Introduction - Budget Basics | Open Budgets India. Problem is initial load of page, which messes up the the start/end of scrolltrigger but resizing the browser fixes the position. I tried some solutions from this post: ScrollTrigger Unexpected Behavior with Smooth Scrollbar in React/NextJs - GSAP - GreenSock but they are not working in my case. All of the code is available here: budget-basic-next/[chapter].js at main · PixeledCode/budget-basic-next (github.com) but basically what I'm doing is useEffect(() => { gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger) setTimeout(handleSidebarAnimation, 100) return () => { ScrollTrigger.refresh() if (ScrollTrigger.getById('st-id')) { ScrollTrigger.getById('st-id').kill() } } }, []) and the function is function handleSidebarAnimation() { const articles = gsap.utils.toArray('article') articles.forEach((article) => { let sideLink = document.querySelector( `li[keyid=${article.getAttribute('id')}]` ) gsap.to(sideLink, { scrollTrigger: { markers: true, trigger: article, id: 'st-id', start: 'top 22%', end: 'bottom 18%', refreshPriority: 1, toggleActions: 'restart complete reverse reset', onEnter() { sideLink.classList.add('activeSidebar') }, onLeave() { sideLink.classList.remove('activeSidebar') }, onEnterBack() { sideLink.classList.add('activeSidebar') }, onLeaveBack() { sideLink.classList.remove('activeSidebar') }, }, }) }) } I know I'm probably doing something wrong and it's dom order which is creating issues on initial load (eg: coming from home page to the page with sidebar and animation.) but I am not able to find where. Any help is appreciated!
  15. haha, looks like alot of people are into this thing right now. Thanks again!