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  1. hello @PointC many thanks for your help. The effect expected is reached. 🙏
  2. Hello, I desperately try to animate the "Split2" class but only the "split1" class works. After the first "gsap.to" I included a function ( .call(createSplitText()) to animate the "h2" tags but in the timeline only the h2 of "split1" is functional, and I don't see my error. Thanks for your help. ps: Thank you for the nice SplitText: Random Words find on CodePen.
  3. Hi @ZachSaucier many thanks for your advice. I will work accordingly your idea, and paste my code pen once it will be done. Thank you.
  4. Hi everybody, My first topic ! First off all, thank you for all support we can find on this forum. I'm a newbie on JavaScript and Gsap, but I've done my first code pen for my website and i have a question. I would like to know the right syntax in order to replace "color" by "images". On my code pen when i click on the viewport i change the color of the box but for my website i would like to change an image. Sorry for my english, i'm french 😀 Thank you. Patrick.