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  1. Hey Carl, thanks for sharing that code... it's almost perfect, except when I put it onto the iPad it doesn't feel great unfortunately. In theory (and even practice to some extent) your solution is awesome. Whats seems to happen on a real device though is that even a tap is a slight movement on the device so so it captures the velocity rather than the click event. I'm really impressed by the idea but I think Greensocks idea of calculating minor movement compared to a toss would do the trick. I'm not sure how to go about this though. Thanks for chiming in and passing on your code... really neat idea
  2. Okay, so I'm capturing the mouse position with an event listener but I'm not sure how to feed this into the mouse handler for the Throwprops script to query whether the mouse has moved or not. stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, reportStageMouse); function reportStageMouse(event:MouseEvent):void { var myStageX:Number = Math.round(event.stageX); var myStageY:Number = Math.round(event.stageY);
  3. Hey, thanks for replying. Sounds like an awesome solution... Not sure how to approach it though... if you've got a second to show me some code, that'd be really appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi, we've purchased membership at my work to get the Throwprops plug-in and so far we love it. I'm just hoping someone can help me with a query. I've applied the code from the 'Flick-scrolling example' on the Throwprops web page to a large movieclip with a list of clickable movieclips within it to make a scrollable list. It works perfectly except that when I drag the large movieclip, whichever movieclip my finger touche, which resides within the large movieclip is activated. I'm hoping to have it work like it does on a device where the movieclip would only be activated if you tap it... not if you scroll the list as such. Thanks