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  1. Yup, thanks @akapowl it works for me and also for the StackOverflow link. You are right the total space is equal to my top content part height till panel. Thanks for the time and solution.
  2. Hi @akapowl Thanks for your time. I update the codepen, with this demo you suggest, half issues solved but when you go "descending order" it comes half not full panel as you can see the screenshot. https://codepen.io/elsueno/pen/rNWOqPm
  3. Hello, Hope you guys doing well. I make layered pinning example but a little different what I have here is content, images, and footer in between these I add up layered pin example with navigation links compatibility. The reason for making this topic is navigation links compatibility when I click the number on "ascending order" the panels work fine everything switch(slides) one by one but if I click "descending order" the panels do not work as expected Like 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. For Example, if I'm on panel five then I click 1 number, then it's dragging me to panel ID 2 no
  4. Thanks @akapowl It's works fine now. I don't understand 2and step. So I just try 1st step and then directly 3rd step before as you mention. Now I got it How and why I need to kill and re-initiate animation after barba trigger.
  5. Thank you @akapowl for your time. I tried this but did not succeed. Some of the threads are suggesting to refresh ScrollTrigger like ScrollTrigger.refresh(true); with Barba.js function and some are suggested to add gsap into function and pass it to Barba. but I have gsap on the footer and Barba in the middle content both are not connected each other I'm still looking for a solution.
  6. Here is the link - https://cdpn.io/elsueno/project/editor/XmqJWg Here I'm working on the footer parallax effect from this example - If I apply Barba.js and click navigation "Home", "about" & "Product" then the footer gsap parallax effect as per the link not working properly because Barba not reloading the page and content for the inner page is less compare to the home page. Barba hooks are not handy in this situation because the footer is not included in the Barba container. Can you guys help me?
  7. I have 4 circles which I need to distribute in 4 directions. If I allow position absolute, it's all mixed-up together but I need every circle side by side in the center of the page. The problem is Gsap is a distribute circle with the transform or with the position but when if I enable position absolute then the circle is mixed up. Is there any other way I can achieve this?
  8. Hello I'm new to GSAP animation. I add animation with jQuery it's working for the first time if you click on the " Green button " in the top right corner. I need to make the animation reverse also but when it's complete animation does not work second time. Please help Thanks.