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  1. Thank you @ZachSaucier, that works perfectly well.
  2. Hey @ZachSaucier thanks for the welcome. Yes I am using the frame object approach and you described perfectly what I would like to achieve: leaving a particular frame up for longer (so I have time to fade in + fade out some text to describe a detail shown in that frame). Could you elaborate a little more the "different tweens in a timeline" approach? That sounds kind of doable, although I am unsure on how or where to start. Thank you!
  3. Hey @ZachSaucier, I am using your example from above (canvas + keyframes) and I would like to know how you would enhance the code to pause the keyframe animation on specific keyframes while the text is displayed and then continue playing the animation? Apple is doing this on their AirPods Pro site right here (see screenshot for exact section): Pausing Animation on Apple Website I would be very glad for any input on how to achieve this effect.