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  1. Thank you so much for your fast reply akapowl ! It works like a charm
  2. Hello everyone ! I've got a little probleme about disable() en enable() ScrollTrigers. I need it to be able to animate through the page with and anchor menu. Here you can see on my demo, when i use the anchor menu to navigate, there is a little jump and sometimes it goes up to the previous panel. It happen when i enable the scrollTriggers, i set a timeout to realize that it is at the moment of activation that the problem arises. In passing, if you have a script to detect all ScrollTriggers for disable and eanble them more easily than i did here, it would be very welcome. Thanks for your help.
  3. Okay i see. I'll come back for that when my site is online. Unfortunately, i'm not able to reproduce that Edge bug in a codepen.
  4. Hey, thanks for your reply aie aie i'm so talented for weird issues The thing is, i'm actually working on a local Xamp server and it's difficult for me to show on a live page. I tried to make a minimal demo in my side, but everything work fine with that piece of code i linked you. I made a full afternoon of research without any success. maybe i'll come back later for that when i'll put it online. edit: I just find out that the issue is only on Edge, every things work just fine on Chrome and Firefox. Maybe with that information you have a clue of what is going wrong ?
  5. Hello ! I'm here because i've got a probleme with the ScrollTrigger and i'm not able to find the way to find and fix it. I'm using the batch methode for animate my wordpress articles items. Like this: gsap.set("._post__list__item", {autoAlpha: 0, scale: 0, translateY: 120,}); ScrollTrigger.batch("._post__list__item", { start: "bottom bottom", onEnter: batch => gsap.to(batch, { autoAlpha: 1, stagger: 0.15, transformOrigin:"center bottom", translateY: 0, scale:1, duration: .8, ease: "circ.inOut", }) }); And i'm pretty sure that was working perfectly when i did this and made my tests. But after coding and modify other things, i noticed something going wrong with it. The items should be triggered when the bottom of the objects touch the bottom of my viewport. And now there is a gap getting bigger between each apparitions. Even the lasts items are not beeing visible ! what could i have done that affect the apparitions of my items and creating that gap ? Can you advice me a way to debug it ?