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Ali Manuel last won the day on June 6

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Ali Manuel last won the day on June 6

Ali Manuel had the most liked content!

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  1. Hello @Amir-A-M , just add data-scroll-container to your div at top <div class="smooth-scroll" data-scroll-container>
  2. Hello @daniushambalisapija , you can do it with GSAP or with PixiJS too. https://tympanus.net/Development/LiquidDistortion/
  3. Like that ? tl.to("#green", 1, {x:750},"+=2") .add("blueGreenSpin", "-=1") .to("#blue", 1, {x:750, rotation:360},"-=2") .to("#orange", 2, {x:750, rotation:360},"-=1");
  4. You can do it like that https://codepen.io/itsalimanuel/pen/17f5ec8b40f835f2abf9dcf531a13d60?editors=1111
  5. Hello @Brian-afk , Can you add a minimal demo ?
  6. Hello @Brian-afk , welcome to greensock , here an example for the animation https://codepen.io/itsalimanuel/pen/3ca556a8fa6b42ecbb6b181a011348aa
  7. Hello @Stacie , I think you should use .scrollerProxy() also you can check this topic :
  8. Hello @Dom_Ortiz and Welcome to greensock , here an example of a similar slider https://codepen.io/bdang/pen/pJyYEO?editors=1010
  9. Hello @Mohd Rejoan , do you mean this way ? https://codepen.io/itsalimanuel/pen/dfaab7a67483f63fdd11eac68193f618
  10. Hello @NamTH Yeah, it's possible with SVG image. here an example https://codepen.io/georgedoescode/pen/QWpvEjy?editors=0010 Also, you can use ThreeJS
  11. @awazigh Thanks , yeah can be
  12. @enkicoma Well , maybe this can be your solution https://codepen.io/itsalimanuel/pen/qBryZEb?editors=1010
  13. Hello @elegantseagulls , it's working !! also you can check this one https://codepen.io/itsalimanuel/pen/fe560a72c34e619902ea5f7ef627fe87