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  1. Thank you for your time, probably it could be a good alternative :) 


    Like it's in the title of this thread I wanted not to use scrub :)

    I  really wanted the exact same effect like in my demo, but the animation starts too late (starts at the begining of the page even if it should start when it reaches the pinned section).


    Do you think you could give me sobie advice how to start animation when it reaches pinned section ? Thank you :)

  2. Hi ! I am using gsap very occasionally for simple things and I sometimes have this kind of problems I can not pass through.


    Every section in left column has corresponding div with img. Everything is working fine until I go back again (after I scrolled to very bottom). Now I want to reverse action (that's why I put "reverse" in toggleAction) but when i pass "end" marker my img changes. It's not behaviour I want - I would like it to change when it meets "start" or "end" (second one) to keep releation between left col and right.

    See the Pen Yzxgqao by Pysilla (@Pysilla) on CodePen