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  1. The Solution is to intro-animate the inner Element (in this case img) and smoothscroll the outer Element (image-wrap), i did the mistake to make it the other way around. The data-speed Attribute has to be on the Outer Element.
  2. Hello Greensock Team! If i want to "Intro"-animate an Element (an img tag) the data-speed smooth scrolling is not working anymore. I tried also to animate an Container element with the same result. Is it possible to achieve that? What I also tried is to pause the ScrollSmoother till the intro is finished and then resume but the paused didint work: gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger, ScrollSmoother); let smoother = ScrollSmoother.create({ smooth: 1.5, // seconds it takes to "catch up" to native scroll position effects: true, // look for data-speed and data-lag attributes on elements and animate accordingly smoothTouch: 0.3, // paused: true }); let intro = gsap.timeline ({ onComplete: function() { // smoother.paused = false; } }); intro.from('.logo',{ duration: 1.5, ease: "expo.out", top: -300, autoAlpha: 0, }); intro.from('.section-intro img',{ duration: 2.5, ease: "expo.out", stagger: 0.3, y: 1200, autoAlpha: 0 });