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  1. A scrubbed animation is what I want, I'm guessing the end point should be at the start of the next section or a couple of pixels below the start point. Yes the fade out should start when the end of the side panel is reached. However if I apply `opacity: 0,` to the current code it fades out the boxes, that's why I have no idea how I would implement it. So the start of the fade out is after you've seen all the posts on the right and the end is after you've scrolled a bit more (to the following section). Edit: If you comment out the JS and apply overflow: hidden; to .hero__aside, you will see the correct spacing between the sections.
  2. Greetings, I'll go straight to the point. Here's the expected behavior: - I would like the whole section (hero) to smoothly start scrolling out and lose opacity once end of the side panel is reached (last of the 'hello' blocks). Here's what currently happens: - The hero doesn't take enough space (I think?), and the section following it goes above it once a scroll point is reached. The hero doesn't fade out (I realize I haven't done anything for that part, but I'm not sure how to implement it so that it starts fading out once the end of the side panel is reached). Kind regards, Fidda