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  1. If you're using svelte, wrap your code with onMount hook. import {onMount} from 'svelte' onMount(() => { gsap.to(".title", { duration: 5, ease: "none", x: "+=500" }); })
  2. I'm working on this site. I'm having performance problems with GSAP. You can see more obviously on Firefox as well. We're using a total of 77 scrollTriggers on this page. But I don't want to remove them because I like these animations very much. Is there any way to optimize it? An example of how we use it: // GSAP DEFAULTS ScrollTrigger.defaults({ scrub: 2, start: 'bottom bottom', end: 'bottom bottom-=15%', }); gsap.defaults({ duration: 3 }); gsap.from('.features__title', { autoAlpha: 0, y: 30, rotation: 0.01, scrollTrigger: { trigger: '.features__title', start: 'center bottom', end: 'bottom bottom-=50' } }); We've optimized the other animations (blobs and lotties) with requestAnimationFrame and observer.