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  1. Thank you very much for your swift response, Blake! The pen you integrated was more than sufficient to solve my problem & write proper GSAP.
  2. Hey, I'm currently stuck at triggering some text animations on scroll using the ScrollTrigger plugin. Probably because of some silly mistake from my part. What I'm noticing is that the animation triggers immediately upon refresh. However, I'm not entirely sure why. The markers, start and end are not working as well. I've attached the Codepen URL in case someone would like to investigate further. https://codepen.io/Ahmad_Mansour/pen/rNzVYbq Thanks in advance.
  3. I can't actually believe that I didn't notice this typo. Appreciate it!
  4. Hi! I've been working on a couple of GSAP tweens that will animate the hamburger menu to the right side and add underlines to the navigation links but it's not working properly on the live server. I'm not entirely sure what's wrong considering my code is almost identical to the instructor that I'm following with. I'd also like to mention that my JS skills are not the best out there and most likely I've done something ridiculously wrong.. An image to the current error in my browser will be attached below. Thanks!