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  1. Hi @akapowl, thank you for your solution. It works nice and smooth. I thout there should by some calculation and condition if it goes bacward or forwards. Your approach is excelent and fully functional. Thank you once again Jan
  2. Hi, I am new to GSAP. I try to do overlapping setions with menu. Everything works like I expected expcept menu anchor links. If I am on the top of the page and I click on some link. everything works perfect. Problem is when I am at the bottom of the page and I click on some link in the menu. It takes me to the right section but this section is overlapped with section before. My idea was somehow reset or unpin section when leaves from the viewport, but I cant find the right code for it. I tried to find any solution on forum, but all topics what I have found solve more complex problems, but none can be used for this easy task. Thank you for your ideas.