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  1. @echorley, hey I actually work at Articulate as a developer on the rise.com side, though I am familiar with storyline. If you can provide the image you plan to use (the best way to achieve the desired effect is using an SVG image), also if you are able to share the course preview link (with the image you want to animate, also adding in the "Give any object in your Storyline the 'accessibility name' of "myName" " from the https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/gsap-3-5-1-latest-version-is-now-included-in-storyline-360), this way we can see what the DOM elements are so that we can target it to animate it. I hope that makes sense. - Will
  2. Hey Cassie, I really appreciate the compliment, I'm always trying to tweak things here and there, forever a work in progress 😆 I do want to create a tutorial on GSAP and https://theme-ui.com/ , which is the theming lib I use and It work's very well with GSAP. Cheers, Will
  3. @Cassie, heyo 👋 I finally have an update to this, and almost 100% to where I want the tutorial to be. I plan to create the video dev-walkthrough of the entire app tomorrow and just add it to each section of the site. For now this is a good foundation for anyone just wanting to read through or is familiar with GSAP/React. Let me know thoughts and is feedback welcome. I'm still refining the wording and content in some areas as I walk through it the 10th time lol. Start here: https://supwill.dev/learn/nextjs-gsap/nextjs-gsap Thank you, Will
  4. I've started a repo for NextJS and GSAP, currently working on getting the written tutorials worked out. Here's a starter pack if anyone is interested: https://github.com/iamwill123/nextjs-gsap Let me know what you guys think or want to set PRs for stuff, open to it
  5. @mkdarche Hey I noticed that Vercel has indeed changed the way the env variables are added (confusing at first) but thank you for adding to this thread regarding the configs using Vercel 😁, and appreciate the shoutout! It took a minute to get those working initially, I'm working on gsap + nextjs tutorials, hopefully get something up this summer.
  6. I have a working setup using yarn and vercel for anyone struggling to get it to work. yarn -v 1.22.4 In .npmrc file always-auth=true @gsap:registry=https://npm.greensock.com //npm.greensock.com/:_authToken=YOUR-TOKEN //registry.npmjs.org/:_authToken=YOUR-TOKEN In package.json "dependencies": { "@gsap/shockingly": "^3.6.0", ... "gsap": "npm:@gsap/shockingly", ... } In your vercel project setting, go to environment variables and copy exact lines in the .npmrc file, see attached screenshot I hope that helps 👍🏽 supwill.dev