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  1. @Cassie That actually worked! I am really surprised as to how it worked because I tried using the yPercent initially but it just didn't work. Anyways thank you for the help I'll try figuring out as to how it worked on my own.
  2. Hello, Can anyone help me with this svg animation? I am trying to move this bulb up using the attr: {} property of gsap but I am unable to do it fluently. The animation works, but there is a small time frame in which the bulb vanishes and then reappears. And Secondly, I'd like to ask, what is the best way to animate d path of svg using gsap?(like translate,rotate,skew etc..) I know we can use transform for <rect />, <circle /> etc... but that doesn't seem to translate in d path animations. I specifically need to do d path animations because I use icons from websites like font awesome which are mostly made using the pen / curvature tool. I do know how to use Adobe Illustrator to create SVGs(if that can help in anyway).
  3. @GreenSock Thank you for the help! You exactly got my issue and fixed it and thank you for the optimization for the code. I'll make sure to do "stateful" animations from now on.
  4. Hi, Can anyone help me with the code that I have? The issue that I'm facing is that when i try to snap a container using the following syntax, the animation seems to skip. { x: "+=" + 200, modifiers: { x: function (x, target) { x = gsap.utils.snap(200, parseInt(x)); return x + "px"; } } } I also used the snap plugin to snap the container into place however, the issue still persisted in this case too. { x: "-=" + 200, snap: { x: 200 } } Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Oh my bad, Sorry I didn't check this file(https://assets.codepen.io/16327/gsap-beta.tgz) properly. Thank you for all the help! Cheers!
  6. Umm... I do also have a another gsap-beta.tgz which resolves an issue with the Draggable plugin. So if you could combine the changes made in both files and give me an final file it would be really great! Here is the other gsap-beta file https://assets.codepen.io/16327/gsap-beta.tgz. Yeah, that works but again the auto-completions aren't present and it would be pretty handy if we have that as in a large scale app I really don't think I can remember all the function methods and I am thinking of publishing this animation pack as a npm package later on, so yeah! I totally agree with this. I seriously don't know much about typescript but I do know what is a declaration file but not in depth, I have just learned it a month ago and I really struggle with the type declarations. But yes it is really handy when it comes to the auto completions and errors debugging. Thank you for the help @GreenSock
  7. Hello there, I am currently making a basic animation pack that contains effects such as fadeIn, fadeOut, slideIn usinggsap.registereffect(). But as I am making progress I hit a roadblock! I can't seem to get the types right for gsap.registerEffect() to work with Typescript. I'll drop a screenshot below of what is my issue. Any help is greatly appreciated! Edit: gsap.effects.fadeIn() works but it's again flawed, as the intellisense of typescript isn't there as the type is set to any.
  8. Thank You for helping me all the way through! Highly Appreciated! Cheers.
  9. Thank You very much for promptly fixing the issue, However is there anyway I can implement this version of Draggable in React right now? As I have to ship my current project in a week or two from now. I did try to override the npm installed gsap draggable by using script tag at the end of the body tag, but it didn't work as I intended it to work.
  10. Umm.. Yes, I did remove Draggable and tried it and it worked flawlessly but as soon as I add Draggable again it starts to bug in touchscreen devices. How to do the inline css transforms work with gsap draggable? using the onPress property? Anyhow, I'm trying out different stuffs removing few properties that I think is causing the issue. I'll edit and keep this reply updated as I debug more into it.. Thank you for your help! Edit: I removed almost everything from the config object for Draggable and the issue still persists. Here was to config: Draggable.create(cardRef.current, { type: "x,y", dragClickables: false }); } I'm guessing it's a bug as it's working with mouse clicks and unresponsive with touches. Not entirely sure about it though, as I might be missing something.
  11. So, I'm currently building an animated div container for my app but in doing so, I am encountering a bug, I suppose. As I did set thedragClickables to false in the Draggable.Create() object but the results of setting it to false is inconsistent on touch screen devices. If I elaborate the situation here, If I directly tap the container without dragging it initially the route is switched without any issues. However, when I drag the container and then tap the button it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Tested it on iPhone 8, iPad and laptop touch screen Any help is greatly appreciated. PS: The codesandbox provided is a extremely scaled down version of my app. I do have other stuffs like react transition groups which I think shouldn't effect this issue. However if it's needed to be included I can do that as well. Edit: It works flawlessly on desktop though. No issues there CodeSandBox Link - https://codesandbox.io/s/keen-rhodes-f0r55?file=/src/index.js:0-231