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  1. Hi Zach! Thanks for replying. No, it seems like codepen automatically reduces the size of the animation image png automatically but when I tested it on my own code editor, it doesn't work. What I need is a way to resize the animation image png based on the browser size (make it responsive) while it still working properly on the SVG path (which does resize on its own) starting and ending at the beginning and end of the svg path. My current fix to the problem is setting a if/else if/else statement with browser breakpoints and I sent different scale sizes for each statement. I guess there's no auto resizing option?
  2. Hi There, I've been reading the GSAP documentations and studying some of the codepen examples for a few weeks now to try to figure out and understand how to use MotionPath and ScrollTrigger but wasn't able to figure out how to make what I need responsive. I have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS, currently figuring out JS along the way. I've been referencing one of your codepen examples Running Tractor, as its more or less what I need my animation to do. I have a paper plane png that will be flying along a dashed svg path. I was able to get it work from your running tractor example to fly through the entire svg path (in full laptop web browser size) but now struggling to figure out how to resize my paper plane png to make it responsive (based on viewport size). I see that in the running tractor code, there's a scale of 0.7, but is there a way to make scale automatic and also stop the paper plane png from running off the svg path? I've tried to play around with media queries for the image but that didn't work as it messed up on the svg path (doesn't start from the beginning and doesn't end at the end). Thank you.