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  1. Thank you, yes, that was it. I didn't add any extensions that I knew of, but Edge ran an upgrade and Malwarebytes Browser Guard is running. Turned it off, all good! You guys are awesome
  2. I use autoAlpha on pages a lot for a fade-in effect, so when that doesn't work the page content never displays. I have found this problem only on the MS Edge browser, It appears Chrome and Firefox are working fine. These are a couple pages that are affected: Web Design & Development Portfolio - Randall Holbrook Art & Design (rndl.design) Adventure - underlaguna.com Sea Wave Wines - Life's a Wave - Catch It! I don't have a demo, but basically they are wordpress sites, and no GSAP animations are working. I am loading the CDN with Advanced Scripts by Clean Plugins. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated
  3. This was copied from one of the videos with the "Freds". Do I just use .to or .from and drop the tl? Also, help me to understand what "overwrite" does in: gsap.defaults({overwrite: 'auto', duration: 1}); I couldn't find it in docs.
  4. Thank you, Zach! I will implement this in my project. That is helpful, and makes a lot of sense. I could neve come up with that on my own. I look forward to joining the club when I get paid!
  5. Hi I am new to GSAP (not great at JavaScript to begin with) Client wants to mimic the scrolling effect (fade-in/fadeout) of sections/pages on https://meiomi.com/. No eCommerce, etc. I am using Oxygen Builder for layout. I have been struggling with getting GSAP and barba.js to work correctly. I am looking for a mentor to look at what I am doing and show me what I am doing wrong. I have a few hundred dollars I am willing to split off of what I quoted. The site is to go live Feb 12. Thank you, This is as far as I have gotten: https://codepen.io/RNDL/pen/LYRobjx
  6. I really appreciate your time. Thank you. if I switch one to y:-40, they animate up and down, but i would like them to fade-in up and fade-out up. It is happening here: https://codepen.io/RNDL/pen/LYRobjx
  7. OK, here is a simple ask, how do I make the h1 leave and enter moving in the same direction? tl.to("h1", {y:40, autoAlpha: 0, duration:.4}); tl.to("h1", {y:40, autoAlpha: 1, duration:.4}); they cancel each other out. I really have read the getting started, watched videos, did Carls' course. I think the pen I picked as a starting point is a bit above my JS skills, which was never one of my strong points. Thanks
  8. Hi Zach (and other helpful coders), Where ( and how?) would I create a timeline to include the h1 in this pen? As stated above, I need to animate the page content (like the h1 in this instance) like the x transition here, and then slide out before the section fades out. as it is, can scroll by the h1 animation quickly and stop it from ever playing again so i think the triggerActions is in the wrong place. I really appreciate ELI5 help! Am I heading in the right direction? updated pen: https://codepen.io/RNDL/pen/LYRobjx?editors=0010
  9. Thanks, Zach I tried using barba, the leave animation worked great, but the enter never worked. Again, I read there are issues with Oxygen builder and tried the remedies i found in those forums, but no good.
  10. Thank you. Can you navigate between pages using scrolltrigger? (It appears that is what the meiomi site does ?
  11. Hi all, I am new to GSAP and scrolltrigger, I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I told a client i could mimic the way the sections fade in and out on this page: https://meiomi.com/wines. I found "Looped "Scrolling" Section Transitions - ScrollTrigger" at https://codepen.io/RNDL/pen/ZEpRKbZ, thinking it was pretty close, as it opens sections without visually scrolling, but I need to animate the section content as well. I have a lot of questions. Is anybody willing to do a consultation with me to see what can and can't be done? A few things: I am planning on building the site with Oxygen page builder. I have a sandbox here: Seven Rings - Sandbox (randallholbrook.com) The content slowly disappears after a few scrolls, a blank section is created if I apply a footer to the page. Content on the second section doesn't animate (or show). The content is animating out, where I would just like a fade. I have been poring over the docs, did a snrkl.tv course, and watching lots of tutorials, but I am not quite getting the gist of combining the disparate parts into a whole. Thank you in advance for your help!