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  1. Hello, all. I'm in need of some assistance implementing my portfolio. I'm trying to learn GSAP in order to finish my website, but I'm not able to set more time aside to finish it. I started creating it on Wordpress so it would be easier for me to edit/add more content, but I'm unsure if that was the best idea. I have some references of what I'm trying to do, and some attempts. The content is pretty much done. I'm open to new ideas, and would like to have it online in the next few weeks. Please let me know your availability, estimate timeline and compensation by sending an email to hello@marianatoledo.com with the subject [GSAP + Portfolio]. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, guys! I'm relatively new to the GSAP world and this is my first post over here. I'm trying to make something that I feel it's super simple, it would be an effect similar to https://www.marvinschwaibold.com/projects/'s hover effect (image reveal, following the mouse position, background color change) + the transition to its internal page (I'm assuming it involves barba.js, right?) Any tips will be much appreciated!