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  1. Is there way to add delay before call? Am looping through an array to call a function via timeline and playing it after loop ends. Tried delay parameter but not working; outlines.forEach(element => { tl.delay(1).call(animatePath, [canvas, element, 0.01], duration) duration = duration + 0.2 });
  2. To get the real time call, I consoled the current date in ms inside textanimation function and found out difference between the consecutive calls. the difference is less than the duration that has been set (for eg : textanimation called at 4.8 instead of 5th sec). Interestingly, on further investigation by consoling the time line , the difference between 4.8 and 5 was found in a parameter known as _ztime. Ofcourse web browsers or system cannot gaurantee any perfect timing, but wanted to know if any offset is being set while calling functions inside timeline Will try creating a codepen in a day or two
  3. Hi, Can I animate an svg as the below gif without a hand on a fabric.js Canvas. b5c0c6f0-3893-11eb-a339-1fc80f338364.svg
  4. I dont have a codepen to show or reproduce what my large scale app does but I am using fabric.js to create animations on canvas and have multiple slides to convert it to a slideshow or video. All i can share is a small snippet of where i call the functions at certain time i.e particular card.duration (which can take decimals as well). But the next function is called before the designated absolute duration. All I want to know if timeline accepts millisecs and makes gauranteed call at that particular time! totalDuration = 0; for (let i = 0; i < cardLinkedList.length; i++) { const card = cardLinkedList[i]; timeline.call( textAnimation, [canvas, card, transition, logo], totalDuration ); totalDuration += card.duration; } timeline.play();