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  1. Hmm, yes. Weird. Thanks for the explanation. One more question. Whether it supports EDGE browser doesn't look very good and also doesn't smooth on mobile phones? Does that have anything to do with the plugin?
  2. Yes, it is very difficult to detect a bug like that with only a bit information. This probably help. See my codepen. https://codepen.io/jecika404/pen/MWjKejg Video only disappears on safari. Thanks
  3. Uh, i hope it will help JS part, it's a little harder to put it all in Codepen with video and rest style. https://codepen.io/jecika404/pen/MWjKejg Thanks
  4. Hi, Thanks for having me. Whether this helps or should be placed on the codepen? It works just fine on all browsers only safari issues. The video disappears at the end of the animation. Recording #6.mp4
  5. Video disappears on scroll only safari. https://website-staging.oq.com/en/expanding-polymer-horizons/