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  1. ScrollTrigger.create({ scroller: document.documentElement, start: 0, end: () => this.scrollHeight, invalidateOnRefresh: true, scrub: true, onUpdate: self => { console.log(self.progress + "////"); } }) after resize, why can't scroll to the max value ? function-base value and invalidateOnRefresh I have set. thanks gsap version 3.7.1
  2. yes, thanks for resolving my problem.
  3. I want the div move to the end of the browser and repeat. but when resize the browser how to change the y props in the same time? y: () => innerWidth doesn't work? thanks!
  4. yes. thanks ! I made a simple mistake. it got the same state after rotate 90deg. SORRY..
  5. I want to rotate div 90deg per second, and need use SteppedEase, not snap or other way. but i fond that it doesn't work! but it worked well at x, y , scale, alpha , but only rotation. why?
  6. @nicofonseca yes! thank you so much! stagger keyframe is more useful!
  7. and how to set the same duration for each keyframe , or set the total amount for the whole tween? i think the version (eg 3.6.1) is better here. it's breeze.
  8. OK, thanks, i get it. but i did not set the duration for each keyframe was working before the version 3.7.1
  9. keyframes does not work in version 3.7.1 why? how to resolve ?
  10. Thanks for you all! Totally solved my problem. That is what i want.
  11. i have updated. please take a look .
  12. why it doesn't into the onEnter function? and how to add an animation with the created div node?
  13. snap property is taken error in version 3.7.0 when animate 0 to 100, how to snap 1 ?
  14. thanks for all. thanks for resolving my problem!