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  1. Hi, I'm considering purchasing a membership and utilizing the MotionPath plugin but I'm not sure if my case warrants it or not. I'm not necessarily trying to animate this (see image) but the design I'm working on calls for the menu items to center along an arc/spline path. Am I overthinking this or would MotionPath be a viable solution?
  2. Hi, So I've been tasked with creating a visual of food traveling through the esophagus to the stomach (on scroll). The food elements need to scale along the path at various defined points. I'm currently working on a codepen to better try to explain what I'm after, but until I can get a PO to join the GS Club I've made an image to show the desired effect: https://d.pr/i/0vXWRS My question is; Is it even possible to scale elements as they travel down a MotionPath using ScrollTrigger?
  3. My apologies. I'm a little rusty. I was looking for Timeline.to() 😑
  4. I'm looking at the the following codepen: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/dyyabWY tl.to("#square2", { scale: 1 }, "<"); Can anyone explain this third parameter "<"? The gsap.to() docs only name two parameters.
  5. Thanks @Carl! This is pretty much what I'm after. I guess absolute containers are my only option? I'll work on this and see what can be done. Thanks again.
  6. I'm using ScrollTrigger to try to achieve the effect here. Everything I've tried seems like overkill. Has anyone done something like this before with ScrollTrigger that I could study?