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  1. Hi, is it possible to get the ScrollTrigger offscreen reset technique (good demo on another post) working with scrub? My code, which almost works, is: const anim_supersonic_image_1 = gsap.from("#supersonic-image-1", { opacity:0, x: 80, duration:1, ease: "back(1)", paused: true, scale: 1.1, perspective: 250, rotateX: -15, rotateY: 30, }) const play_anim_supersonic_image_1 = ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: "#supersonic-image-1", scrub: 1, // <---- BEING IGNORED start:"top 70%", onEnter: () => anim_supersonic_image_1.play() }); const reset_anim_supersonic_image_1 = ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger:'#supersonic-image-1', onLeaveBack: () => anim_supersonic_image_1.pause(0) }); See my note about 'BEING IGNORED'? Where am I going wrong here? Many thanks!
  2. Thank you, Carl! Brilliant and very helpful video as always. toggleActions: "play complete reset reset" is what I'm after in this instance (of course!), but great to know those other options are there.
  3. Firstly, apologies if this has already been asked, I tried to find previous posts but suspect I wasn't looking for quite the correct terms. I have a loooong page using a mixture of regular ScrollTrigger animations + timelines - but I also have a fixed menu at the side that jumps you down to various anchor linked sections. So if someone starts the page and clicks the link to #section-5, can I stop all the animations on the way from the top to bottom from firing? Many thanks!