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  1. Yup this is crystal clear. I will be purchasing a subscription soon and possibly rework the way i distribute the product so that it isn't possible for them to edit the gsap code. Thank you for the fast reply.
  2. The websites being sold are the exact same. The intent is that the websites themselves are going to be templates with a bunch of random stock photos and lorem ipsum text. It is up to the people who buy these websites to customize them. To be clear, yes the actual product being sold to all clients will be the same (if two or more purchase the same website, which obviously should happen) but it is up to the clients to edit the actual product. I do no editing on my end before selling it.
  3. Hey everyone, huge fan of the library so far. I am planning to sell premade websites to people and was wondering how the GSAP license fits into this scenario. To be more clear, I will be building the websites beforehand and be selling them directly to clients I meet in real life or acquire via internet ads. There is no recurring fee or "membership charge" for the service im building. Just pay once, and the website code is yours to do with as you please. Am I going to require a license for this? Thanks so much! EDIT 1: To be even more clear, the websites are premade. This is to say that the clients will not be able to make edits to the website code unless they buy the website from me. Not sure how much that info matters but I thought i'd put it in anyway.