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  1. Hell yeah, very powerful ! Thank you, it will be a long way to understand all your concepts.
  2. Yes ok really nice thank you ! Now how can I make the movement smooth, I mean when mouse enter to the screen, div jump to the correct position. How can I make it smooth ? Same when I move mouse really fast, how can make the div to follow but with a smooth effect ? Am I going on the correct way to achieve that ? Thank you
  3. Thank you for your reply @akapowl. The movement is what I want. But it's not smooth. I mean, if I move my mouse from left border to right border at a linear speed, the div move fast and slow down at the middle and accelerates once the middle has passed. It seems there is a little hook feeling in the middle.
  4. Hello, I am launching into the GSAP world. My first animation is to make au div follow the mouse. I can do what I want by setting a timeline from -(screen width / 10) to +(screen width / 10) Then I get the position of the mouse and I make the timeline progress thanks to (mouse position / screen size). I try only on one axis but that don't change the behaviour. I try to set ease property but that don't change anything too. The animation hangs in the center. I do not understand why ? My approach is wrong ? An other question, how can I make this animation smooth ? Like "circ" ease I mean, currently it's linear. Thank you