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  1. Thanks @Nekiy2 and @ZachSaucier, I appreciate the help and the link to the common mistakes page. I’ll definitely take a look at that.
  2. If you hover over the hamburger menu and click the SVG with a normal click rate, everything works fine, but if you were to encounter someone that were to click the menu before the first or second line in the hamburger SVG is done animating, it effects how the menu transforms. It's supposed to spin into an X when clicked, and pulsate, line-by-line when hovered over, but when someone clicks too rapidly or too many times, it is breaking the animation, or timeline. Also, while harder to reproduce, if you hover over the menu then un-hover then re-hover very quickly it also seems to break where the hover animation is leaving the lines at the end of the animation. These issues sound like they both may be related and solved by the same approach, perhaps, maybe not. I'n new to GSAP so any help is appreciated. Thanks!