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  1. Gotcha. Thanks I will give that a try Appreciate the responses!
  2. Yes! that's it. If you set the scrub to true then it goes away. But then you lose the smoothness of the animation!
  3. Hey thanks for the suggestion Mikel I need the animation to trigger BEFORE the pinning starts which I think is where this weird/not great behaviour is happened. I modified your pin to suit my use case scenario and it still seems to do the same thing https://codepen.io/jonathan-wong-code/pen/dypoXww
  4. So I've also noticed it happens here as well. https://codepen.io/jonathan-wong-code/pen/oNzXLgp Does it have something to do with trying to start an animation outside of its container on the Y-axis? Here we're just trying to start it 500 px above the trigger element and it seems to exhibit the same behaviour
  5. Hey Zach thank you! And thanks for the taking the time to answer my question! We picked up GSAP for a project at work and I've taken some of Carl's courses! It's a great library! It looks like it still does it when the element isn't pinned. I also tried anticipate pin: 1 and it doesn't seem to work=/. To me it kind of looks like a "bunny hop" up when you scroll down slightly...or what I think more accurately is happening is that when I scroll down...there might be a slight delay before the element moves down with it? If you contrast that with this https://codepen.i
  6. Hi! So the basic idea is that I want my animation to start 500 pixels before the trigger element. But I'd also like it pin AT the trigger. Based on some research, I'd found these posts Advocating the use of creating separate triggers for the animation and the pinning. However when I tried this my fade animation appears to "stutter" or hesitate or "jump up" when you use a series of "short scroll down" strokes. AKA not one smooth motion... This is also apparent when used a regular mechanical mouse than a trackpad. From what i can tell most of the choppy happens i