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  1. Hi Zach, thank you for your welcome and the guidance you have given me. I have applied everything I have learned so far. I decided that I still didn't want the items to rotate in an unlimited loop. I changed the code a bit, I almost got the desired result. Can you tell me how to disable moving an item up if I'm currently on the first item and if I'm moving items down to stay on the last item? Sorry for the first post which was quite generalized, I hope I was able to ask a specific question now.
  2. Hello, I try to make a vertical view of the shopping cart so that only 3 item is displayed. Clicking PrevButton moves vertically by only one item. The same should happen with NextButton only in the other direction. Also all of this should be in the infinite loop. I would also like the elements to be Draggable. Can you look at my code and tell me what I need to fix to achieve the desired result?