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  1. ya i actually tried that but there was lot of problems occuring on that way. the animation have only to run if it is in viewpoint and so i have to kill and restart it different times. when i was going that way there were problems on the next restart but maybe its just missing start values ... probably i was close to the solution and didn't saw the forest cause of all those trees Thank you for leading the way
  2. the end goal is to kill an animation but instead of just letting everything get resetted or disappeared or something like the active motion should animate a little further while the elements get opacity 0 as the movements of the objects are very random i can't predict them and so i would need to read it ... think of a flying missile which get code 0 and so looses its target ... its just passing by and explodes seconds later 😆 i tried a lot like killing the first animation as a complete callback of the new animation but that throws a lot of problems. its very abstract a
  3. thank you for your feedback @ZachSaucier Something like that i was waiting for yep i really have to learn the full power of gsap to not fall back to jquery without any need of it - actually while reading your feedback i have no clue, what i could address to gsap instead of jquery but i will check that this is a good point, will also check that - btw. i meantioned to not have an idea, how to react on window resize. Is the only way to overwrite the whole timelime to change vh and vw used in the timeline? how to get timeline direction without asking ti
  4. there is timeline.recent() which gives you the last added tween but the last added tween is not the actual current tween animated. Is there a way i can grep the information, which parameters are just in this moment animated? Most impressive would be a way to get "The object is just moving from x:20, y:20 to x:100, y:100" like start position and end position of the current running tween. Problem on that may be, that there can be multiple tweens currently running on the same time, which makes it harder, i guess. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey, i just built a new burger menu and would like to get some feedback, what do you think about. Sure, there a dozens of em out there but i wanted to build one on my own - also to get more familar with gsap Maybe you see some really bad DON'Ts so please tell me then actually i would have to update the vh and vw in the timeline on window resize Thank you
  6. outch ... that is EXACTLY what i was looking for xD sorry, im so new to gsap and have to lean all those properties and stuff you can use in different contexts + broken english expertise Thank you @GreenSock for your help and especially for gsap and all its components! PS: this is by far the fastest and most active community i've ever seen when it comes to such individual questions. gsap and its forum helpt me so much the last days and only on that way im able to accomplish my project. i really appreciate that!
  7. seems like i only can use the self object with information about direction in a separat scrolltrigger object, what u already mentioned. Isn't there a way to use it also on a timeline add function? @GreenSock @ZachSaucier at the moment i actually have a separate scrolltrigger object but the point is, that its very unflexible to handle according to the very long timeline. there is a central element following the scroll down animation so its always in the point of view. i have to start and stop an animation very precisely according to the position of my central element, what made
  8. gonna check this tomorrow ... thx for pointing that out
  9. @PointC What do you mean? did you changed any on your pen? i don't get it 😅
  10. just realized that i need another function to add xlink:href instead of textpath.setAttribute('xlink:href', "#masterpath"); you have to use textpath.setAttributeNS('http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink', 'xlink:href', "#masterpath"); so i can draw my paths now in illustrator and put text on em afterwards.
  11. i don't know wether changing it is really the right way. i understand your pen, even if i did not knew, that there are stuff like that At least the functions createAnimation and stopAnimation are in wrong direction on the way back. could i add a function, which is checking, in which way we scroll and then call the propper function instead of calling them directly? on that way i also could handle the color switch, i guess.
  12. Thank you for your response @PointC - its not exactly what i was looking for but it points out a way i could go probably. My main problem on this is, that adobe illustrator don't give me a way to place text on a path without dropping the information. instead it exports the text, where each letter is simply positioned, as it would follow the path. so path is gone and text is also gone. so i can't animate it afterwards. Just tried affinity designer which does the same So my plan was to just draw the paths, on which text will move along and than place my text afterwards v
  13. Hey there, i did understood how text motion along a path is working but i struggle around with a problem, when i need to create the text element dynamically. For example if i have different languages or just random text, i would like to prefer to create those texts outside of illustrator. Something seems to be wrong with appending the path. I also don't get it working, if i have a static text element in the svg and try to append a textpath to it. Both of em seem to be correct according to dom inspector but they are somewhere out of the viewport as it seems
  14. The same problem i have with function calls via .add() in that timeline. To start section animations i build some function which init the local animation and remove them if you passed the section. This is working from top to bottom but in reversed direction the functions also get called in the reversed direction. I used a second scrolltrigger to address that problem, what is working but is less comfortable at changes on the main timeline. So i thought the way to use .add is the better way but it seems to not know something like enter or enterBack. I've updated my pen. At this
  15. Hey there, i just struggle a bit with ScrollTrigger. I have an animation similar to my posted pen. Animation is on scroll ... on end of the animation there are clickable elements which change attributs of the main element (on pen its just the fill). The fill is also changed to yellow in the animation before you can click to prepare the clickable elements for their actions. (on my real animation there is content which have to disappear before the controls can make other content visible ) when i scroll back top those changes are also going reverse but the yellow fill is