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  1. Thank you Zack for the hint! 🙏 One more thing I would like to share. I tried to follow the example on this pen I found in Scrolltrigger documentation : https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/YzyaKrq While it's working perfectly on Edge, I experienced some issues on Chrome on Windows. Some sectiones skipping on my browser. It's look like there is a bug in Chrome when you apply scroll snapping on html: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61726927/scroll-snap-css-skipping-elements Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi! I have three sections inside a container and I want to use CSS scroll snap to navigate between these three sections. Each section will have custom animation and I want to trigger them with ScrollTrigger, but I can't! Can you please check and give me a hint how can I achieve this? Thank you!
  3. Hi Zach, I copy and paste your HTML, CSS and JS, also used the resources of your example. My problem is when I am scrolling down: - Scrolling from Description to Section 1 is ok. - From section 1 jumping to Section 2, 3 and 4 without stopping. When I scroll back to top: - Scrolling from Section 4 to 3 is ok. - Then from 3 scrolling to Section 2, 1 and to the Description div without stopping. I have this problem with all other GSAP examples of ScrollTo but not with other plugins like fullpage.js Help please! I am using Chrome, on desktop and my page running in my localhost using XAMPP.