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  1. Umberto

    Parallax effect

    Problem solved, I completely rewrote the code creating many variations
  2. Umberto

    Parallax effect

    Hi, by FREE do you mean those who have an active paid subscription (BusinessGreen)? If so, my subscription will be activated as soon as I complete the project (in a few months). In any case, I will wait for the intervention of other users. Thanks
  3. Umberto

    Parallax effect

    Hi, I wanted to create a Parallax effect inmy projet, but I have several problems: 1 In the example, the image scrolls smoothly, but remains fixed at the top. I wanted to slide it as in the lower part. 2 In scrolling I don't understand why the container shrinks and increases in size (scrolling up and down). 3 I fixed the height of the image in 70vh, but it doesn't respect the dimensions. Can you help me? Thanks
  4. Umberto

    About License

    I hadn't actually thought about it, correct. I have more questions for you, but I'll ask you in a few days. Thanks
  5. Umberto

    About License

    Hi, I am creating a website that I will sell on Envato, and by reading the license terms carefully there are points that I cannot find answers. 1. If after 1 or 2 years I do not have to renew the license, and then I will no longer be able to sell my work, can users who have purchased my website continue to use it? 2. I read in the Faq that by selling my project on envato (for example), buyers cannot make changes to my work. So, stupid question, if there is an animation in my project that scrolls from left to right and the user changes it from right to left, will they
  6. This is perfect. Thanks for your work and for your time
  7. Hi, I'm not angry, absolutely not, I've been 2 days away and just checked my emails now. You are fantastic and very prepared, please just have a little patience. That said, it was what I was looking for and it's a great job, which I will need to animate the whole project I'm working on. The only thing is that if you can create a variant, and that is to load the animation only once without reloading it when you scroll down. Thanks for your time
  8. I tried the first method you told me but i failed. Do I have to work on this? let revealContainers = gsap.utils.toArray(".reveal"); revealContainers.forEach((wrapreveal) => { let image = wrapreveal.querySelectorAll(".reveal-img"); let tl = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: wrapreveal, toggleActions: "restart none none reset" } }); tl.set(wrapreveal, { autoAlpha: 1 }); tl.from(wrapreveal, 1.5, { xPercent: -100, ease: "power2", }); tl.from(image, 2.5, { xPercent: 100, scale: 1.3, delay: -1.5, ease: "power2", });
  9. The best I managed to get is this: https://codepen.io/umberto/pen/rNMJEYr
  10. I tried and tried for hours but failed, for me this is too complicated. Thanks
  11. You're right, I'm sorry. This is the old version with the Reveal effect that interests me: https://codepen.io/umberto/pen/qBaxygW While this is the version I tried to modify https://codepen.io/umberto/pen/PoGQeda Thanks
  12. Thanks for the reply. I thought about this and tried it and that's what I want, but I can't create the same reveal animation anymore. Any solution? https://codepen.io/umberto/pen/PoGQeda
  13. Hi, I tried to create an animation but I can't create a delay between the various elements. I tried to insert "stagger: {amount: 1.3}", but the elements all start together. Where am I wrong? Thanks
  14. This time I was good, I just made a careless mistake. Thanks for your help and happy new year