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  1. I meant this: https://codepen.io/umberto/pen/GRQEmYq Thanks
  2. This is perfect, it was what I was looking for. ScrollSmoother is really beautiful, it has only one thing that is "missing", the horizontal scrolling of the elements. I hope this option will be included in the next upgrades. Thank you very much
  3. Hi, I upgraded my project from Locomotiscroll to ScrollSmother, and I have to say that I am much better off. However, I have a problem with my page height with ScrollSmother. In the animation that you find below (link hover), with Locomotivescroll, adding "html, body {height: 100%;}" the hover works perfectly and the images are the correct size, while with ScrollSmother the images are not resized, also, the longer the page, the larger they become. 1 - Example ScrollSmother 2 - Example Locomotivescroll https://codepen.io/umberto/pen/NWyjJbB https://codepen.io/umberto/pen/QWQvoZP Is it possible to solve this problem? Thanks
  4. Will try to add fewer animations. Thanks for your help and for your availability.
  5. I have already tried to use ScrollSmoother and it is much more efficient and smoother than Locomotivescroll, but testing it I have a problem with the body on an animation (https://tympanus.net/codrops/2019/10/21/how-to- create-motion-hover-effects-with-image-distortions-using-three-js /), but for that I open another post. I tried adding will-change: transform .js-reveal-text-words-up, .js-reveal-text-chars-up, .js-reveal-text-heading-chars-up, .js-reveal-text-chars-left, .js-reveal-text-rotate, .js-text-chars-l { will-change: transform } but it does not work. thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. I sent a new codpen because the previous one was not activated Locomotivescroll. Try now https://codepen.io/umberto/pen/xxYdwvL So can the flicker be due to my iMac? If I insert too many text animations on a page, can it cause this problem? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have created some splittext animations to insert on my page. I noticed that on the various browsers, when I scroll down the text begins to flicker, especially if I use the type: "lines, words" and type: "lines, words, chars" class. Probably, I made some mistakes in compiling the code. Below I bring you my example Thanks for your help
  8. Now everything is easier. Thanks for your suggestions
  9. This is what I wanted, PERFECT! 👌 I have a couple of questions to understand better: - For more efficiency, in the ".quote" class should I add "display: inline-block"? - The "split-line-inner" class should I add something in my css file or does it remain empty? Thanks for your time
  10. I apologize but maybe I am a little confused. I try to be more precise. The following pen I animated the words, now I would like to animate only the line, without animating the words and chars. I'm trying but I can't. https://codepen.io/umberto/pen/ExwLPrp I hope I was clear. Thanks for your patience
  11. The problem is that I can't animate the Lines because there is this problem: I would like such a thing https://codepen.io/marctaule/pen/eYWLawR Thanks
  12. I'm looking for a solution, but I can't
  13. Of course, I also wanted to create variations with words and chars. The only thing, you can see in the first pen, the line does not create the same effect as with the chars and words. when the lamination starts, there is no overflow between the lines. Why this? Thank you
  14. I think I solved (I modified the pen above): I changed this line: with I reversed the animation from chars to words and it seems to work. What I wanted to ask and if the code is efficient with the changes made Thanks