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  1. Jo Mourad's post in Draggable multiple sections on same page conflict was marked as the answer   
    PointC thanks for the quick replys. Ok so that's what i thought as well! i tried it, and well this code is online right now... i don't know if you see the two sections on the url i sent earlier, but what happens is that ony of the draggers you use works just fine. Then, when you scroll to the next one, it looks as the clipPath is updating on both, and right when you move the .... I JUST GOT IT.
    haha.. the problem was 
    gsap.set(".logo-old", { clipPath: `inset(0px 0px 0px ${x}px)` }); has to be
    let clipper = section.querySelector(".logo-old") gsap.set(clipper, { clipPath: `inset(0px 0px 0px ${x}px)` }); !!!
    Thanks for all the help!