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  1. Hi, I started with a counter, which was from 0 to 100. Then I'd tried also what could happen with a progress element. Btw how can I make, one or another, (number counter, or native html5 progress) to follow the whole body vertical scroll progress? Setting something like end: +=9999 is not working so well, and setting 999 ends to early and doest count to 100%. I've seen also scrollproxy but I cant understand how to make it working properly on vertical way, as many demos shows only some elements expand horizontally, (using scrollproxy). Of course I can easily set a start and an end point with scrolltrigger, but I really don't understand how to fetch and follow the whole document height. Thank you, as usual.
  2. I changed the code, as you can see, but now it takes only the last element on the array. What's wrong? And why does it require the pin to be active, while I prefer this to just follow the scrub? Tx again
  3. Great! Gonna study hard again tx
  4. Oh well thanks. Just one point: How to reverse / restart while scrolling up again? Thank you @Cassie
  5. Hi, I was trying the amazing ScrambleText addon, which a customer has paid, and works perfectly. But how to integrate this with Scrolltrigger to make the scramble working only when in viewport, and don't start on dom ready, which is no-sense (in my case)? Thanks
  6. My fault. Always used a container as trigger. Gonna try the way you said, thanks .
  7. Hi Blake, thanks. Yep I thought so, but how to make this independent from the container, as if works with observer? When, example; h2 is on the center of the viewport, start the transition? Actually GSAP needs a trigger container to listen. and why on my example the transition works strange? I tried with solid colors and doesn’t start at all. example starting white, fill orange. now I set: start white out from the viewport, fill linear gradient and move to center… Thanks 😊
  8. Hi guys, this time I'm having an issue while trying to change text background on scrolling. The background is clipped, so seems like "filling" the text on scrolling. Desired result: https://www.aquest.it/it/about - in this case they're using a trick with the :before element and data-text... but even if my demo works bad, I guess it's possible to achieve the same with GSAP and avoiding to add other pseudoselectors to dom. I guess the best is to make this with observer, because, instead of the codepen example, h2's won't always be inside containers with same class. What do you thing? Any help? Will it be lighter to make it the way they did? (Even in that way they may need intersection observer to toggle classes and start animation) Tx
  9. That demo seems really what I was looking for! I will add a scrub and a pin and test it. Thanks! Yep the Codrops article (doenst) says it all, but they did many nested files and the tutorial vs final result is a bit (aka a lot) different, and there are many and many files that are missing from their easy demo. Btw thanks for the hint!
  10. Hi all. What's the trick here, to enable the inner parallax between slides? How to achieve with a common swiper slider, instead of the custom js-slider used by the Codrops team? Something ease as a slider with 4/5 slides with inner sections with this kind of parallax? I've seen and know to ho make horizontal scrolling, as many and many demos.. just dont know how to make this effect. Thanks
  11. Solved. Thanks Hope this simple experiment may end under gsap featured reel
  12. I tried setting "pin:true" but the grid stays a bottom. Also 1 other thing: the result (even if we are talking about different transitions and animations) if slightly different: elements have like a overflow:y before starting animations, while on the demo.. elements are visible even before starting the animation (outside from the iphone screen). Which could the the problem? My markup? Thanks
  13. Thanks so much. I did. Now how to make the iphone image and the triggered elements pinned till the animation ends? Actually gsap ends after the container is outside from the viewport... so sad!
  14. Hi, Which could be the best way to replicate this Revolution Slider example? https://www.sliderrevolution.com/templates/app-studio-website/ Will it be enough to add scroll trigger to each .quadrato (random) item? Or does it require a timeline? Thanks for any hint