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  1. Wow, thanks so much for this!! I honestly don't know much about best practices for Svelte or GSAP, let alone combining them, so this was really great to see what clean code looks like. Thanks again!
  2. Hey APG! I think I've seen you on Frontend Mentor! Awesome to see you working with Svelte AND GSAP (since I use the same haha). I'm curious how you're using GSAP with Svelte. Are you putting ALL of your ScrollTrigger animations in the App.svelte file?
  3. How is this done with the new ScrollTrigger plugin? Would you happen to have a tutorial on it?
  4. kvncnls


    So from my understanding, it's free to use for (as an example) a personal portfolio. But if you're using it on an e-commerce website where you're directly making money from multiple customers, you'd need the special license.