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  1. I'm sorry for long answer... I have renew my codePen (jQuery only for adding class to fixed menu). 1. Now all clicks execute by GSAP and it doesn't work by clicking on fixed menu (I need to scroll to block when click on its menu point). 2. MAIN question is - when I scroll to the end of GSAP's blocks to last static block - is there no animation, jast jumping from block to block. How I can do smooth change from GSAP blocks to static block and backward?
  2. This too, but main question is fast change to static block after GSAP blocks (I don't need it). You can view it on my pen.
  3. I need: scrolling with pin animation, adding active class to current menu point, click to menu and scrolling to needed block, normal animation to static block after pin blocks)) I have a problem with GSAP clicking to menu - nothing is happening or document scroll to another block, but I'm still working with it...
  4. Hi, ZachSaucier! Everything is OK now, but I have new problem(( When scrolling to end off pins then opens next static block is very fast, without any animation. I renew my Pen - https://codepen.io/daemonhk/pen/XWKKeWb for show it.
  5. THX @mikel, but my main problem is - gsap.to(window, {scrollTo: e.target.getAttribute("href")}); When I click by link, wasn't happening anything or code get false ID, but ID from link and section are same.
  6. Hello and sorry for my English... On my pen I was try to create menu with content section with pin module. But something wrong happening (don't seen on example(() - when I click on link "Section 3", page scrolled to Section 4 Content and stoping. So, can anybody help me with full GSAP example (or help update my example with some jq) with fixed/sticky menu, when page scrolled to needed section, with pin blocks into content section and activated menu link when pin is visible? P.S. If needed, I can update my example for more code and details.